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Capt Pawan Gupta is the epitome of dignity and pride in the merchant navy profession, standing tall with confidence, flashing the broadest smile! You just cant miss him!
Immaculately dressed, for every occasionBe it a traditional festive gathering, in his Sherwanis and band galas or the more formal conferences, with black tie and suit, or the very elegant Merchant Navy, Captains uniform, which he always carried with pride as Principal of Anglo Eastern Training Academy. His attractive and charming demeanour is very well supported by his commanding voice and mannerismsHe is envied by most men of the industry.
As a leader, Capt Pawan Gupta is extremely popular, being sporty by nature, he is an active participant is all industry events and a go getter member of maritime associations like the CMMI Navi Mumbai Branch.
As a young cadet, I am sure he would have made many a lady swoon and hearts flutter!
But our man was quickly wooed by his lady loveA love story right out of a best-selling novel. Their romance is what youngsters swear byTheir love blossomed between the two romantic cities of Jaipur and AgraCapt Pawan fell head over heels for the most gorgeous and beautiful Archana, a lady who can make heads turn at any party!
Capt Pawan and his lovely wife Archana are a match made in heaven! Both are your ideal couple, with the looks and voices that complement each other and a deep understanding that only a couple who have grown and matured together can have! A synchronicity that creates a harmonious symphonyMrs Gupta is a talented and trained artist in her own right. We had a great opportunity to connect with the two. And we are delighted to share their incredible story of passion for their work and artPlease join in