Inspiring journeys-with Vikram Mittal. A seafarer and an entrepreneur! -Been to the Shark Tank,India

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In this podcast we are talking to Mr.Vikram who was born in a Marwari family. He Studied in four different schools in 2 different cities as his father travelled for work. He was always above average academically and in extra-curricular activities. His purpose was to wear a uniform in his life and armed forces was his 1st choice, when that did not happen, he got an opportunity in the next best thing. He was part of the 1st Dual stream cadet batch which was sponsored by Maersk with campus at AMET, Chennai and so his merchant navy career started. In this interesting podcast he shares his deep love for the sea, his plunge into the entrepreneurship ocean, his mistakes and his reasons of why he wanted to pitch to the sharks and the process.

This podcast gives an opportunity to get into Vikram’s thought process and also has many advises for seafarers who are looking to come ashore and for to be seafarers equally!.

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