Inspiring Journeys!! - Open conversation with Capt.D.C.Sekhar,A seafarer and a serial entrepreneur.

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This video is an attempt to get a glimpse of an seafarer's life who has made it big,to see and understand what clicked for him .Watch till the end of this very enlightening video!

Capt.D.C.Sekhar has been a master mariner and also a serial entrepreneur with many innovations and patents to his credit. He has been busy innovating, designing, prototyping and patenting the following

  • Harnessing Ocean wave energy
  • Robotics for hazardous environment
  • River and lake clean up solution
  • Storm water drain clean up solution
  • Flood relief solutions
  • Floating security perimeter system
  • Silt trap in the streams

They have provided oil spill response capability to the oil industry with equipment and trained manpower resources. He is the India representative on the Council of International spill Control Organisation (

They are one of the rare SMEs who invested in RnD and developed Intellectual property rights purely from our internal accruals, without funding.

He has won innovation excellence award from The Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India (Assocham) and received grant from GOI for our wave energy harnessing prototype.

Capt.D.C.Sekhar is the : Executive Director of AlphaMERS Ltd (innovation and implementation in environment, disaster management and Ocean renewables) and Beta Tank Robotics Pvt Ltd (developing tank cleaning hydraulic robots),

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