Ship collision between Oil tanker and Bulk carrier in Gulf of Kutch India

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Product tanker ATLANTIC GRACE and bulk carrier AVIATOR collided at around 1700 UTC Nov 26 in Gulf of Kutch, western India, while proceeding in opposite directions. Tanker bow struck bulk carrier portside in cargo holds area, and understood, the ships remained coupled, most likely to avoid mass water ingress into bulk carrier, which may cause capsize and sinking. As of 1500 UTC Nov 27, both ships remained in the same position, seemingly still not detached, with salvage tug at their side.
UTC 1505 UPDATE: understood ships are decoupled or in process of decoupling. Photos Indian Coast Guard.
ATLANTIC GRACE is or was en route from Kandla to Fujairah UAE, AVIATOR was proceeding to Kandla.
No leaks reported so far, tanker apparently, was in ballast.