How Chipping and Painting is done on SHIP - Merchant Navy

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Instructional Video on How to Chip and Paint onboard Ship in HIndi.
The removal of weld spatter, rust, or old paint from ironwork using a hammer and pneumatic machines is called chipping.

Precautions before chipping

Has the Pre-meeting or Toolbox meeting carried out?

Is proper Personal Protective Equipment worn by the seaman?

Are the instruments, tools, and hoses being used not damaged?

Do the tools function properly?

Is the surface washed with fresh water and then sufficiently dried?

Salt, in particular, contributes to the peeling of paintwork. Once the flaking of paint stats, it is troublesome to restore the situation. It is ideal to wash with fresh water pressurized to 50-100 kg/cm2 if such a facility is furnished onboard.

Are proper scaffoldings and lighting provided?

Personal Protective Equipment to be worn :
#Boiler suit
#Safety shoes
#Safety helmet
#Chipping Goggles
#Dust mask
#Ear plugs

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