Episode 2 On Entrepreneurship, In conversation with Capt. Arjun Singh Kalra.

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In this episode, I speak with Capt. Arjun Singh Kalra. Arjun has set up his own business and recounts what he thinks are important for mariners before they step ashore. He tells me that we need to ensure we can sustain our family's needs for atleast 2 years before we take the plunge. We should develop domain knowledge and should be a salesman. We should work with policy of sustainability and scalability. Learning to delegate and manage people are among what he considers as very important skills. All of these skills can be developed. Arjun spend a lot of time learning, reading and now networking. Among the reasons he counts among why he left sea are the opportunity for a steep learning curve available when ashore; and the monotony that sets in while sailing.


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