Maritime Startups

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Can seafarers and maritime professionals be the connecting dots for digitalisation in the maritime industry?

Every shipping company in the world is being faced with the increased digitalisation of processes. Smart phones and smart cities are already with us and the smart ship cannot be far away. This is evident from the meteoric rise of maritime startups, accelerators and corporate-led partnership programmes across the globe. The Covid-19 crisis will hasten these efforts further, as we all question whether existing practises can remain or if they need to be re-imagined.

Until now, top-down transformation led by regulators and enterprises has often diluted the voices of seafarers. The tide has now turned. Maritime professionals and seafarers can be a part of this changing narrative by introducing their own startups or by partnering with existing ones. Their hands-on experience on ships is generally an untapped source of great potential.

Surendra Lingareddy is the Founder and CEO of Volteo Maritime. Volteo Maritime helps shipping companies build their digital future, collaboratively.